JoAnne is a humorous, well organized and sincere speaker that resonates with your soul.

That JoAnne would even want to participate in public speaking is remarkable. As a young child and early adult, she was extremely shy and public speaking was definitely not her forte. Once she learned that indeed she had powerful ideas that needed to be shared, she mastered this communication skill as part of her repertoire.

Topics in which she is extremely well versed are:

Life Purpose and Life Planning being a licensed facilitator of The On-Purpose® Personal Leadership Study with 16 years experience. In January 2001 JoAnne attended a 2 day programme in Winter Park Florida with the author Kevin McCarthy about his book called “Becoming an On-Purpose® Person”. She finally discovered the key to her authentic life.

Personal Growth and Challenge. JoAnne has been a dedicated student of self-development for over 40 years and has invested a great deal of time and money into self-improvement, always striving to be her personal best.

Sales / Service, Time Management and Entrepreneurial Experience with 35 years of experience in real estate sales and a small retail business, JoAnne has seen what works and what doesn’t. Consistent, persistent effort is required to succeed for the long haul. Even when things turn out in ways one does not expect, there can be huge learning experiences hidden there.

Career Transitions: Having moved successfully through 4 career transitions: Elementary school teaching, co-owner/ operator of clothing franchise, The Kettle Creek Canvas Co, for 8 years followed by a very successful real estate sales career spanning nearly 28 years and now as Director/Owner of The On-Purpose Lady, JoAnne knows how to make the necessary shifts to make these transitions effective and smooth.

Some Topic Titles are:

What on Earth am I Doing Here Anyway?
Woodpeckers Only Knock on Hollow Trees
Will the Real You Please Stand Up!
It Starts and Ends with Purpose.
Living a Life On-Purpose…Making Life Make Sense

Transition: You’ll Find Yourself there… by Choice or by Chance
Career Shifts–Changing course
Unretirement and Re-Alignment
Catalysts for Change.
Change is inevitable, Growth is Optional
It’s Never too late to Re-Invent Yourself

The Reluctant Entrepreneur
Sales, Service, Survival and Success
How I Doubled My Sale Volume in 3 Years….On Purpose of Course
How I Almost Left 2 Million Dollars on the Table
My Best Failure-Rebounding in Business
Wall Flowers Never Win Big!
The Power of Music to Influence Your Choices
How to Build a Business to Support a Life by Design
How to be Successful in Business and Have a Life By Design

Customer Service:
How did “Thank you for shopping here… become, Here you go?”
Me: Thanks for letting me shop here. Response: No Problem!

This is what her audiences have to say:

My relationship with JoAnne began within the Women Making a Difference Organization where I had the pleasure of hearing her keynote address to the group. Her passion for public speaking and life coaching are a perfect pairing with her newly published book. I recommend JoAnne to be a dynamic and genuine instrument for anyone's personal growth journey.”

— Vesna Bailey Author of Notes Before You Go Feb 2104

JoAnne is a consummate professional, whose calm manner and warm personality make you believe that you are in good hands. Her book, Postcards from a Ragpicker, offers inspiration and advice in a format that is easy, and pleasing, to digest. She is a wonderful motivational speaker, generating enthusiasm and excitement in her audience.”

— Sue Perry - Self-Publishing Facilitator at Windsor Public Library Feb 2014

As a public speaker, JoAnne Muegge is a true professional who knows how to engage an audience with her inspiring stories and life lessons. She speaks clearly and authentically, and her message is inspiring and effective. JoAnne has the ability to make you think about things differently in order to change your life for the better. I completely trust JoAnne to deliver deliberate, practical material that teaches the audience how to live life with purpose.”

— MELISSA MCCORMICK Best selling author of 'The Queen’s Daughter'

This is what JoAnne has to say:

My Favourite Speaking Topic:

“Living a Life On-Purpose” ~ “Making Life Make Sense”

In January 2001 I attended a 2-day programme in Winter Park Florida with the author of a book called “Becoming an On-Purpose Person”. I finally discovered the key to my authentic life. I now have a 2-word Purpose Statement that guides all facets of my busy life and which I use when making small and large decisions in life my life. My sense of satisfaction and joy has increased tremendously. I serve others in my family, my work and my community with a clear focus. Through studying and practising the concepts learned over the last 16 years, I have eliminated much of the what I call the “fluff and the haze” in my life and reduced my stress level in half. The teacher within me compels me to share this concept with others and I do so gratefully whenever I am asked to speak on this topic.

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