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JoAnne is one of the most trusted and faithful coaches of the message and methods found in The On-Purpose Person. When she asked for permission to use the On-Purpose® trademark to brand herself as “The On-Purpose Lady,” I could only say, “Yes. of course. That’s who you are to so many people.” JoAnne brings her decades of residential real estate business service to the On-Purpose message and helps people find their true home in life by being on-purpose persons in creation.”

— Kevin W. McCarthy, Author, The On-Purpose Person & The On-Purpose Business Person

Thank you JoAnne Dietrich Muegge for a wonderful weekend of reflection. You are an inspired teacher with so much to give!!"

— Cathie Penner - Sales Representative at RE/MAX Preferred Realty Ltd. Jan 2107

JoAnne is a consummate professional, whose calm manner and warm personality make you believe that you are in good hands. Her book, Postcards from a Ragpicker, offers inspiration and advice in a format that is easy, and pleasing, to digest. She is a wonderful motivational speaker, generating enthusiasm and excitement in her audience."

— Sue Perry- Self-Publishing Facilitator at Windsor Public Library Feb 2014

The On-Purpose Person Workshop I recently attended was an amazing workshop. I left with clarity on all my priorities in all aspects of my life; complete with an organized and prioritized action plan. I immediately put these to work and focus daily on what is truly important to me. Your knowledge and leadership were outstanding! Inspiring weekend! I am excited about all that lies ahead and my personal development and growth. Thank you so much for your teachings and guidance."

— With much respect - Rosemary Ruffolo Skinner Soirée Event Extraordinaire Jan 2107

Thank you, JoAnne, for inviting me to your On Purpose Program in January 2017... it was so good to be "unplugged" and surrounded by an incredibly diverse group of women. I so appreciated the weekend to focus on my new business venture, gain clarity on my mission, vision & values on this exciting new journey! Oxley Holy Family Retreat House was just what my spirit needed. Keep on being On Purpose!"

— Renee Burns

Threaded with hope and faith, JoAnne Muegge shares her personal experiences of love and loss, triumph and failure and the wisdom learned along the way to give the reader concrete solutions to living a successful and meaningful life."

— Darlene Gudrie Butts author of Lessons from the Depression and The Promise'

This book is a labour of love with lessons that we all aspire to learn. JoAnne Muegge shares personal and intimate experiences to reveal profound truths about life which ultimately inspire the reader to move forward with faith and courage.”

— Melissa McCormick Best selling author of 'The Queen’s Daughter'

I loved JoAnne's book. This is a must read! JoAnne shares carefully selected messages of life on her post cards. Every chapter permeates your heart and is complimented by her true love, glowing spirit, passion and care for others. It's a book you'll want to read over and over again!"

— Lynn Fitzsimmons author of 'Step out For Success'

JoAnne’s leadership skills as a facilitator of seminars and workshops are uniquely designed to her audience, attentive to positive results. As a successful speaker, she continues to draw a great audience. JoAnne exceeds expectation in her delivery as a speaker and facilitator. She continues to inspire personally and professionally. JoAnne is a lady with purpose and passion, mixed with joy to making our world a better place. It is my honour to share attributes with reference to my friend and colleague JoAnne Muegge. JoAnne faithfully excels in preparation and planning to details, exploring possibilities to further excellence. Her focus on completing projects in a timely fashion is exceptional. JoAnne is an asset to Women Making a Difference in her ongoing contributions and dedication to learning and mentoring our women as we become better together.”

— Nancy Bolton,

I met JoAnne Muegge three years ago at Women Making a Difference, and have had the pleasure of hearing her speak on a number of occasions. JoAnne is a trained facilitator with the On-Purpose program, and I have attended one of her courses. She was a thoughtful, considerate, patient and encouraging leader.
I have found JoAnne to be a person of integrity and honesty. Every time I hear JoAnne speak I am uplifted and encouraged. She always has a positive message that speaks to my soul."

— Kathryn Lake Hogan - Find Your Ancestors in Canada April 2014

My relationship with JoAnne began within the Women Making a Difference organization where I had the pleasure of hearing her keynote address to the group. Her passion for public speaking and life coaching are a perfect pairing with her newly published book. I recommend JoAnne to be a dynamic and genuine instrument for anyone's personal growth journey."

— Vesna Bailey Author of Notes Before You Go Feb 2104

I have had the honour and pleasure of knowing JoAnne and attending her On Purpose weekend retreat and refresher retreat. The experience has been life-altering, to say the least. I returned from my sessions having a new found focus and clarity that I was lacking both personally and professionally. If you haven't experienced JoAnne and this Course, I cannot stress how important it should be for you to seek her out and sign up for the next retreat or course. You will be thankful you did!"

— Kay Brown- Wealth Consultant at Windsor Family Credit Union Jan 2015

My friend JoAnne has embodied in her book her honest sharing of her past, present and 
future hopes in my favourite passage: "Be joyful in hope, be patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12 "

— Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT (The Canadian National Equine Massage and Vertebral Realignment Instructor)

I have had the pleasure and honour of working with JoAnne both personally and professionally. She is intuitive, wise and nurturing in the way she provides guidance and support which is truly a gift. JoAnne brings warmth and wisdom to everything she does and is genuinely focused on encouraging you to be the best person you can be. She exemplifies living a life of integrity, respect and balance. I am so grateful to call her my friend and mentor."

— Karen Scadden Get Organized-professional Organizing services for your business or home.

Thank you for the workshop this weekend!!! It was amazing!!! You were awesome! Great group of Ladies!!! Looking forward to implementing all we learned!!! Left feeling inspired, blessed to have had the opportunity and experience feeling very motivated!!

— Rosemary Ruffalo Skinner - Soirée Event Extraordinaire Jan 2107

Having known JoAnne forever and also having worked with her in a previous business, I know her to be a woman of high standards, integrity and a continual seeker of knowledge. She gleans the best from life experiences and this shows in her interactions with people. Her recent book is a testament to this. Those who work with her will come to know this about her as well. "

— Liz Dietrich Psychotherapist, RP Jan 2015.

I recently attended a weekend 'On Purpose' retreat with JoAnne. It was with a small intimate group - a safe place to explore one's inner self - with JoAnne as gentle facilitator. She created a warm atmosphere for attendees to get to know each other and themselves. JoAnne's approach is inclusive of all individuals and ideas, making her workshops and retreats a peaceful environment for growth and reflection. I would highly recommend for anyone, in any walk of life, in any stage of personal development, to participate in one of JoAnne's programs. She will successfully guide you in your exploration of self."

— Cathie Penner - Sales Representative at RE/MAX Preferred Realty Ltd Jan 2017

As a public speaker, JoAnne Muegge is a true professional who knows how to engage an audience with her inspiring stories and life lessons. She speaks clearly and authentically, and her message is inspiring and effective. JoAnne has the ability to make you think about things differently in order to change your life for the better. I completely trust JoAnne to deliver deliberate, practical material that teaches the audience how to live life with purpose."

— Melissa McCormick Best selling author of 'The Queen’s Daughter'

I loved JoAnne's book. JoAnne was always exceptional. She was very dedicated to her clients always did the "right thing" and performed at the very top of our Canada Trust Real Estate team. I was very proud of her work and her tenacity.”

— Bonnie Clarke, Retired real estate broker

Everyone I know who has attended one of JoAnne's retreats on this topic has raved about her experience."

— Rosemary Heenan - Heart-Powered Coaching

A book boundless in lessons learned and will help sort life choices and challenges for the reader. A light of hope shines in each page, embracing for all, a life of purpose to celebrate, remember and move forward to rediscover your personal best! "

— Nancy Hertel-Bolton; Founder/Creative Director Women Making a Difference

Gently tracing JoAnne Muegge's life through her book, "Postcards from a Ragpicker," is a thought-provoking, heart-wrenching, interesting, soul-searching experience. As a reader, one sees and feels her 'light of love' shining bravely, as she guides us to ponder our personal journey through life. Congratulations!"

— Maeve Omstead Johnston 'author of 'A Gift of Love' and 'The Gathering Time.' website

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