Legacy is defined as something acquired by inheritance or by a will.

It is meant to be handed down from one generation to the next and is often thought of either in monetary terms or as material objects bequeathed to a person. This Legacy Journal is an engaging tool for capturing the legacy of the interesting, courageous, character-building challenges of your life events. By recording the details of an event, as well as honestly expressing your feelings about the choices regarding how and why you navigated these happenings a specific way, your spirit will be captured. Memories collected and compiled with a genuine richness of character will innately reveal the values of your life and exemplify exactly how these traits have impacted both your life and that of others.

From a Legacy perspective, we tell our stories for ourselves and as a gift to future generations.
• How does telling your story benefit you?
By recalling and expressing your stories you will recognize your own deeply held values and brilliant resiliency. You grow and transcend as you tell them. Writing your personal history makes a positive difference in our world.
• How does telling our stories benefit future generations?
Our stories connect the past and the present to the future. Others are encouraged to learn from these memories that honour and respect our ancestors, ourselves and those we gift with this Legacy. When we re-evaluate our deepest values, then have the courage to voice and define them, we state clearly the kind of world values we wish to leave for future generations. These words of wisdom and advice will not be lost.

“Who will be the angels who will speak the words of hope and vision to the children who inherit the future? 
I believe you and I are these angels.” – Rabbi Simeon Glaser

“May your reflection and legacy be a gift to yourself today 
and to those you love tomorrow.” – Rachael Freed

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