If you can’t lead yourself, you can’t lead anyone else!

 It all started when she read this book. “Becoming an On-Purpose Person,” subtitle: “Making Your Life Make Sense” authored by Kevin McCarthy. She read these words on the back cover.

”Is your life filled, yet unfulfilled?

Do you feel pulled in a number of different directions?

Does your schedule seem totally out of control?

Have you been trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations while your own plans and dreams go unfulfilled?”

She could relate to almost every question there.

So she sat down and read it. In the back of the book, she read the words, “Would you like to become an On-Purpose guide and help others become on purpose?” She said sarcastically  to herself, “Sure would if I only had clue, where I was going.”

She attended a 2-day programme in Winter Park Florida in January 2001 with the author Kevin McCarthy of “Becoming an On-Purpose Person”. She finally discovered the key to her authentic life. She now has a 2-word Purpose Statement that guides all facets of her  busy life and which she uses when making small and large decisions in life her life. She has written Personal Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values Statements. Her sense of satisfaction and joy has increased tremendously. She serves others in her family, her work and her community with a clear focus. Through studying and practising the concepts learned over the last 16 years, she has eliminated much of the what she calls the “fluff and the haze” in her life and reduced her stress level in half. The teacher within her compels her to share this concept with others and she does so gratefully whenever she facilitates The On-Purpose® Personal Leadership Course. It has become her calling. She left a lucrative career is real estate sales to create more time to dedicate her time to making this course available to others.

She is a Certified Facilitator and Coach of the programme called On-Purpose® Personal Leadership which guides persons through the chaos of daily living with a process to clearly define one’s personal Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values in an organized structure. This process helps one live a life of focus, personal power and improved productivity.

The On-Purpose® Approach to your life includes:

  • Determine and focus on your TOP priorities
  • Create your ideal time management system
  • Clarify your purpose, vision, mission, and values
  • Integrate your life for greater contentment

This programme is presented as a weekend women’s retreat experience, as an 8-week group study at your place of business or in another setting for a mixed audience of women and men or in private one-on-one guided study done in person, by phone or online. Her goal is to share this powerful life altering process with 500 people. She has a special desire to help busy business women with families who strive to juggle the daily demands to find clarity of purpose, strategic time management skills, specific priorities, focused productivity, and peace of mind!



This is what past participants have to say:

The On-Purpose Person Workshop I recently attended was an amazing workshop. I left with clarity on all my priorities in all aspects of my life; complete with an organized and prioritized action plan. I immediately put these to work and focus daily on what is truly important to me. Your knowledge and leadership were outstanding! Inspiring weekend! I am excited about all that lies ahead and my personal development and growth. Thank you so much for your teachings and guidance.

— With much respect - Rosemary Ruffolo Skinner Soirée Event Extraordinaire Jan 2107

I have had the honour and pleasure of knowing JoAnne and attending her On Purpose weekend retreat and refresher retreat. The experience has been life-altering, to say the least. I returned from my sessions having a new found focus and clarity that I was lacking both personally and professionally. If you haven't experienced JoAnne and this Course, I cannot stress how important it should be for you to seek her out and sign up for the next retreat or course. You will be thankful you did!

— Kay Brown - Wealth Consultant at Windsor Family Credit Union Jan 2015

Everyone I know who has attended one of JoAnne's retreats on this topic has raved about her experience.

— Rosemary Heenan

Thank you, JoAnne, for inviting me to your On Purpose Program in January 2017. It was so good to be "unplugged" and surrounded by an incredibly diverse group of women. I so appreciated the weekend to focus on my new business venture, gain clarity on my mission, vision & values on this exciting new journey! Oxley Holy Family Retreat House was just what my spirit needed. Keep on being On Purpose!

— Renee Burns

I recently attended a weekend 'On Purpose' retreat with JoAnne. It was with a small intimate group - a safe place to explore one's inner self - with JoAnne as the gentle facilitator. She created a warm atmosphere for attendees to get to know each other and themselves. JoAnne's approach is inclusive of all individuals and ideas, making her workshops and retreats a peaceful environment for growth and reflection. I would highly recommend for anyone, in any walk of life, in any stage of personal development, to participate in one of JoAnne's programs. She will successfully guide you in your exploration of self."

— Cathie Penner, Sales Representative at RE/MAX Preferred Realty Ltd 
Jan 2017

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