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JoAnne is passionate about listening intently and compassionately to help her clients to get started, to sort the details, to make a plan, to take the steps forward in the direction of what they truly want. She is committed to helping you connect with the very best of  your talents and gifts. Moving toward one’s heart’s desires begins with a single step. Step after step eventually allows you to live your dream!

In her coaching services at The On-Purpose® Lady, JoAnne brings over 25 years of self-leadership development, sales, service and coaching/consulting experience. Her personal expertise and coaching doesn’t follow a “cookie cutter” approach, rather she customizes each training and coaching to fit the individual, bringing purpose, vision, mission, values, skills and strengths into alignment – again with an emphasis on leading oneself to one’s highest potential. She is highly intuitive, a great listener, respectful, kind and offers authentic service.

She trained with Dr Catherine Comuzzi, Master Coach and Psychotherapist with the Certified Coaching Federation in 2013 and received her designation.

Areas of expertise are discovering your personal life purpose, recognizing your gifts, establishing priorities, increasing your productivity, career transitions and achieving your heart’s desires.

Change is inevitable. Growth is always optional.—John Maxwell

JoAnne would say that she has often been resistant to change but she has always been drawn to growth; thus her life long study of personal development tools and materials. They have a joke in their marriage that her precious husband has been married to 3 different women over the course of their 48-year partnership due to how much she has grown and changed in those years. She has been committed to challenging herself to be her best self and wanting to burn through as much of her God given talent before her days are over! One of her mentors, Bob Proctor said, “God`s gift to us is more talent than we can possibly use in a lifetime and our gift to God is using as much of it as possible with the days we’ve been given.”

She’s had numerous coaches and mentors in various areas of her life. Some were in person. Some were in books and courses.  They help people challenge themselves to become better….to beat their personal best! That’s what coaches do. They ask powerful, challenging questions, at the right time. These questions cause us to be honest with ourselves, to see things from a different vantage point, and to create a vision and hold that vision long enough that it becomes realized. They hold us accountable to do the actions necessary to achieve success. They facilitate change and growth. This builds confidence and self-esteem. Making strategically planned change always does.

Her first coach in real estate named Bonnie, asked her three very powerful questions during a meeting one day. She had been in the industry approximately a year at the time.

The questions were:

• Can people trust you?

• Are you competent?

• Are you absolutely, fully committed to doing whatever is necessary to succeed in the business?

She had no problem answering yes to the first two but had to admit that she had not been fully committed.  She made a decision that day that for the next three years she would become fully committed to doing whatever was required to grow her business. She would focus on only ‘results producing’ activities and after 3 years she’d evaluate the outcome. The result was steady growth both personally and in her business.

At year eight she moved to Re/Max Preferred Realty Ltd and her broker was Glen Muir. His way of coaching was very different than what Bonnie had done years before and she was at a different point in her career also. He raised the bar as to what she thought she was capable of achieving and helped her see herself achieving new levels of sales than she had previously done. Also in the company that he had built, he attracted multiple top producing sales people. It became the ‘new normal’ to perform at higher levels.

This is what her clients have to say:

JoAnne was always exceptional. She was very dedicated to her clients always did the "right thing" and performed at the very top of our Canada Trust Real Estate team. I was very proud of her work and her tenacity.”

— Bonnie Clarke Retired real estate broker.

It was amazing!!! You were awesome! Great group of Ladies!!! Looking forward to implementing all we learned !!! Left feeling inspired, blessed to have had the opportunity and experience and and very motivated!!”

— Rosemary Ruffalo Skinner -Soirée Event Extraordinaire Jan 2107.

I have had the pleasure and honour of working with JoAnne both personally and professionally. She is intuitive, wise and nurturing in the way she provides guidance and support which is truly a gift. JoAnne brings warmth and wisdom to everything she does and is genuinely focused on encouraging you to be the best person you can be. She exemplifies living a life of integrity, respect and balance. I am so grateful to call her my friend and mentor."

— Karen Scadden Get Organized-professional Organizing services for your business or home.

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