Post Cards from a Ragpicker

The dream of a child was finally realized… 55 years later… how long will you hold your dream???

The idea of writing a book has been with me since I was a child. At the age of seven or eight years old I would set up my writer’s desk in my bedroom in the farmhouse where we lived. I’d line up my pencils, organize my papers, and then try to write. I had this urge to say something profound, something that others would want to read and hoped that it would help them to make a better life for themselves. Each session ended in frustration because it seemed as if I had nothing of value to say. I longed to help others in some meaningful way. Perhaps it was just that I had not yet lived enough to learn some valuable life lessons worth sharing.

As time went along my love of learning continued, especially through reading. Words, written words, spoken words were like living ideas that touched my heart and encouraged me onward. They became the words of my silent self-talk. They were life- giving to my spirit. I occasionally thought about writing my book. Here I am at the beautiful age of 65 finishing my first book. There truly is a season for everything in life.

Postcards are usually sent from someone who’s on a journey, trip or vacation. The intent is to share one’s experiences and discoveries with family, friends and those they care about.

The postcards of this book are my collection of thoughts and the lessons I’ve learned from my life’s journey up to this point. Joys, challenges and sorrows have taught me many lessons and afforded me much personal growth. My greatest challenges changed me as I  struggled to overcome them. These ‘lessons of life’ have become my greatest gifts with which I can serve the world in which I live.

Time after time I learned to choose faith over fear.

I once heard the quote, ” Where you will be in five years will be greatly determined by the books you read and the people you associate with.”Over the years, I have learned so much from the innumerable, beautiful books that I have read. In the early 1980’s, I discovered a book called, ‘The Greatest Miracle’ written by Og Mandino. When I read this book I was so moved by the gentle old ragpicker, named Simon Potter. He spent his days picking people up who were very discouraged and had given up on life, people who were at their lowest and had thrown themselves on the waste-heaps of life. He gave them encouragement, helped to restore their self-esteem, and gain the confidence to move on in a healthy, prosperous way with their lives. The words of this book have stayed with me since that day and have become part of the ‘quiet voice from within’ urging me toward numerous adventures in my life.

The wonderful Simon Potter from Og Mandino’s ‘Greatest Miracle’ book was a kind old gentleman who shared a valuable message from God with Mr.Og and directed him to share this message with the world. I was one of the fortunate recipients of that message and as I said, it left a huge impression upon me that was the catalyst for many changes and accomplishments in my life. His message arrived at a time when I too, was at a very low point. His message instilled in my heart: courage, self-belief and confidence to make significant changes, which led me on to a very stimulating life and a successful business career.

I admired this gentle ragpicker and have attempted to imitate him in the way that I live my life. In my various encounters with people, I was present for those who were discouraged, struggling or simply needed the compassion of another human soul to walk with them on their journey. Not long ago, as I was preparing for the significant milestone of my 65th birthday and reflecting upon the course of my life, I realized that indeed, I too had become a ragpicker . 

I knew that I would finish my book that I had tried to write so many years ago! I would share some valuable lessons learned in my life’s journey, hopefully inspiring the readers with direction, encouragement and self-confidence, allowing them to move forward in the pursuit of their dreams and heart’s desires.  If the process of giving birth to the ideas in this book were compared to the pregnancies and birthing of my children, then indeed this has been the longest pregnancy ever recorded.

My deepest hope is that as you read this book, you will find the message that will carry you through the valleys or over the mountain in your life. Perhaps my words will be the life-giving spark that ignites the flame you need to pursue your special yearning toward a larger life. My lessons might simply raise your awareness of how far you’ve already come in your life up to this moment.

I am pleased to say that from the proceeds of the sale of this lifelong  dream, $1.00 from the sale of each book will be donated to the current  Clean Water Project sponsored by the Women Making a Difference Organization of Windsor, Ontario.



This is what her colleagues have to say:

Gently tracing JoAnne Muegge's life through her book, "Postcards from a Ragpicker," is a thought-provoking, heart-wrenching, interesting, soul-searching experience. As a reader, one sees and feels her 'light of love' shining bravely, as she guides us to ponder our personal journey through life. Congratulations!"

— Maeve Omstead Johnston 'author of 'A Gift of Love' and
'The Gathering Time.' website

Threaded with hope and faith, JoAnne Muegge shares her personal experiences of love and loss, triumph and failure and the wisdom learned along the way to give the reader concrete solutions to living a successful and meaningful life."

— Darlene Gudrie Butts author of Lessons from the Depression and The Promise'

This book is a labour of love with lessons that we all aspire to learn. JoAnne Muegge shares personal and intimate experiences to reveal profound truths about life which ultimately inspire the reader to move forward with faith and courage.”

— Melissa McCormick, Best-selling author
of 'The Queen’s Daughter'

My friend JoAnne has embodied in her book her honest sharing of her past, present and 
future hopes in my favourite passage: "Be joyful in hope, be patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12 "

— Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT (The Canadian National Equine Massage and Vertebral Realignment Instructor)

I loved JoAnne's book. This is a must read! JoAnne shares carefully selected messages of life on her post cards. Every chapter permeates your heart and is complimented by her true love, glowing spirit, passion and care for others. It's a book you'll want to read over and over again!"

— Lynn Fitzsimmons author of 'Step out For Success'

A book boundless in lessons learned and will help sort life choices and challenges for the reader. A light of hope shines in each page, embracing for all, a life of purpose to celebrate, remember and move forward to rediscover your personal best! "

— Nancy Hertel-Bolton; Founder/Creative Director Women Making a Difference

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