Meet JoAnne Muegge

JoAnne is absolutely passionate helping clients gain clarity of purpose, organized productivity, strategic priorities, personal power and peace of mind through The On-Purpose® Personal Leadership Course. She is a Licensed Facilitator of this programme. Having found this solid solution, she implemented it in her own life over the past 16 years with extremely productive results and is now dedicating her life to sharing these processes with others.



For the upcoming 7 week series: The On-Purpose Personal Leadership Series

Hands-on workshop style study here you'll learn 
The On-Purpose Approach to your life.

• Have you ever asked yourself these questions: 

• Why do I feel so burned out and frustrated?

• What on earth am I doing here? 

• Am I doing what I was really meant to do?

• Is this all there is to living?
• Does my life have meaning? 

• Do I really make a difference? 

• Will anyone remember me when I am gone?

I will be providing information about the course and doing some samples exercises to make sure this is what you're looking for.


Hands-on workshop style where you'll learn The On-Purpose Approach to your life.

This includes:
• Determine and focus on your TOP priorities
• Create your ideal time management system
• Clarify your purpose, vision, mission, and values
• Integrate your life for greater contentment

Make a difference with your life... for the rest of your life!


Recalibrate Restore Re-invigorate

Through the 'On-Purpose® Personal Leadership' Course, gain clarity, develop a plan for productivity and peace.
“I am passionate about working with busy women who are juggling the demands of daily life and helping them regain peace, poise, purpose, power and organized productivity!”

Past Participants speak:
— “I came with an open mind. I left with a clear plan.”
— "Left feeling inspired, blessed to have this experience and very motivated!"
— “JoAnne is truly a leader in self-discovery and personal development.”


JoAnne is one of the most trusted and faithful coaches of the message and methods found in The On-Purpose Person. When she asked for permission to use the On-Purpose® trademark to brand herself as “The On-Purpose Lady,” I could only say, “Yes. of course. That’s who you are to so many people.” JoAnne brings her decades of residential real estate business service to the On-Purpose message and helps people find their true home in life by being on-purpose persons in creation.”

— Kevin W. McCarthy Author, The On-Purpose Person & The On-Purpose Business Person,

JoAnne’s leadership skills as facilitator of seminars and workshops are uniquely designed to her audience, attentive to positive results. As a successful speaker, she continues to draw a great audience. JoAnne exceeds expectation in her delivery as a speaker and facilitator. She continues to inspire personally and professionally. JoAnne is a lady with purpose and passion, mixed with joy to making our world a better place. It is my honour to share attributes with reference to my friend and colleague JoAnne Muegge. JoAnne faithfully excels in preparation and planning to details, exploring possibilities to further excellence. Her focus on completing projects in a timely fashion is exceptional. JoAnne is an asset to Women Making a Difference in her ongoing contributions and dedication to learning and mentoring our women as we become better together."

— Nancy Bolton,

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